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PPX is pearlynraepeachkachu, and xenrichan.

a trio of amazingly sweet women combining forces to grow their communities.

read on below to find out how you can support PPX in our path to twitch partner!

 follow the ppx trio

 watch ppx live streams

 put ppx at the tippy top of your autohost list in settings, or actively host every time one of them goes live

 try to be active in chat, but if you can't, feel free to lurk

 clip funny/cool/awesome moments!

 be super awesome, share and spread the word to ppl about the ppx trio to help them grow their communities!

PPX logo BG.png

PPX profiles!

the PPX trio are a venn diagram of uwu wholesome personalities and streaming talent! here's a little about them:

the leader

actor • presenter • VO artist


fav color: lilac

fav flower: orchids 

fav dessert: patbingsu 🍨

western zodiac: sagittarius

eastern zodiac: earth snake 🌱🐍

blood type: A+

main gaming energy: mystery-solving, pokémon, mainly chilled, but competitive with fall guys. like very competitive.

the songstress

singer • cosplayer • illustrator


fav color: baby blue

fav flower: cherry blossom

fav dessert: mochi ice cream 🍨

western zodiac: capricorn ♑

eastern zodiac: fire rat 🔥🐀

blood type: A+

main gaming energy: competitive valorant (seriously her headshots are insanity). rpgs, and some chilled variety on the side.

the giggles

comedian • actor • promotional model


fav color: mauve

fav flower: peonies

fav dessert: strawberry cheesecake 🍰

western zodiac: scorpio ♏

eastern zodiac: fire rabbit 🔥🐇

blood type: O+

main gaming energy: valorant/fortnite fun.

variety with giggles along the way.

ranging from dota to pokémon.

PPX trio time!

the games that PPX play together and/ or will potentially play together in the future:

 fall guys


 valorant (when pearlynrae gets a PC that can handle FPS games again)

 pokémon scarlet/violet (when xenrichan saves up for a switch)

 league of legends

 ...and more!

if you're a brand or company wanting to collaborate with PPX, send all enquiries to:

PPX logo trimmed.png
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