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the pearl collection

haii pearls! want to see all the ways you can support pearlynrae? you've come to the right page - read on!

all official pearlynrae social accounts to support are listed here.

please be careful of impersonators

if you'd like to support through social media engagement and being active in the pearl collection community, feel free to do as much of the following as you wish:

button with the word twitch in it


watch live streams

put pearlynrae at the tippy top of your autohost list in settings, or actively host every time she goes live

try to be active in chat, but if you can't feel free to lurk

clip funny/cool/awesome moments!

button with the word twitter in it


like all tweets

 retweet all tweets

comment on all tweets, even if it's simply a cute GIF

button with the word instagram in it


like all posts

 comment on all posts, even if it's simply cute emojis

 share all posts to your stories

 'save to collection' all posts

 like all stories

button with the word youtube on it


 like all videos

 comment on all videos, even if it's simply cute emojis

 hit the notification bell to keep updated

 watch videos/playlists on loop

button with the word tiktok on it


 like all tiktoks

 comment on all posts, even if it's simply cute emojis

watch tiktoks on loop

watch all livestreams

button with the word podcast on it

follow the podcast on spotify

listen to each podcast episode on loop

 share podcast everywhere

 5 star rating the podcast!

 have a comment or question for the podcast? send through a voice msg here OR click here to send through a regular msg

button with the word discord on it

join the pearl collection discord server

 read and ✅ react to agree to the server rules and gain access to the server.

 head to the #info-and-faqs channel to read the basic channel break down, then head to the #lets-react channel to opt-in to more topic specific discussion channels

 be an engaged and active member of the server! (even if it's just putting cute react emojis on the #announcements channel messaging

 feel free to share all the cute memes in the appropriate channels and of course, have fun!

button with the anykey logo on it

be an amazing member of the pearl collection and take the anykey pledge!

 if you connect your twitch, you'll be able to have a sweet anykey badge next to your name in chat!

if you'd like to support through monetary/financial/wallet means, feel free to do as much of the following as you wish (permitting you don't run yourself into financial ruin)

button with the word subscribe on it

subscribe to pearlynrae's twitch!

● if you're feeling super awesome sub to tier 2 or tier 3!

 feeling super generous? gift subs to the community!

● cheer with bits!

button with the word and logo for streamloots on it

 subscribe to pearlynrae on streamloots!

 purchase card packs to play on stream!

 don't forget to utilize promotions and codes!

 feeling super generous? gift subs or packs!

button with the logo and word for blerp on it

play around with blerp sounds using bits on stream!

 click above to join via pearlynrae's affiliate link!

button with the logo and word for the throne website on it

check out and purchase gifts on pearlynrae's wishlist

button with the words yesstyle influencer on it

use code 'PEARLYNR43' at checkout!

 use pearlynrae's referral link when you shop!

button with the word patreon on it

 subscribe to pearlynrae's patreon!

button with the word bettersleep on it

 get 20% off your app subscription

 pearlynrae seriously uses this app every night to sleep

button with the word paypal on it

just straight up send a contribution to her paypal!

button with the word ko-fi on it

 support through ko-fi!

button with the epic games support a creator logo on it

 use creator tag 'PEARLYNRAE' at checkout!

button with the word merch on it and the pearlynrae unicorn logo

 uwu merch shop!

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