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our first ever streamathon/subathon

it feels ridiculously surreal being able to set this up. seeing the love and support that i have been blessed with from our wonderful ever-growing uwu community. in the past during my milkypixel days i had this fear in the back of my mind that i'd hold a subathon or streamathon only for no one to support or visit the stream. i know for a fact that we have an amazing community, our incredible regulars, and lurkers, and peeps who pop in from time to time. the fact that we're still here washes over me a sense of relief and also surrealness. so here it is, the info cards for our upcoming streamathon/subathon:

in the past, i would have done a 24hr or even an uncapped streamathon in a heartbeat, but i'm very hyper-aware of my current health condition/status and as such have begrudgingly forced myself to cap the stream at 22hrs and 22mins.

the stream will pause at the approximate halfway point of the cap for youtube VOD purposes. it used to be that streams could be exported at any length and size but sometime last year youtube changed it so that the maximum length of a video uploaded to the site is at maximum, 12hrs. thus, we must stop around the 11hr to almost 12hr mark before resuming again.

both twitch subs, as well as streamloots subs, will count towards the goals and i'll be manually counting them since the counter widget on streamloots doesn't have a function that displays the separate and total amounts during the timer being active.

for transparency, i'm aware that most streamers would have a spicy food goal incentive much lower in sub number, however, it is considered a stretch goal for me since i have chronic stomach issues and problems. thus, in my case, it's the biggest stretch goal.

i'm very excited to be doing this. i can't wait to play fall guys with the community and sink our teeth into new pokémon snap. i'm also excited to be hitting those sub goals to unlock the nintendo detective games streams as well as the spoopy detective games streams. the latter i'm excited and nervous about because i usually avoid spoopy games so it will be very interesting to experience the spoopy times with the community.

also the completionist in me can totally see us trying to complete every game as thoroughly as possible to feed that part of my brain.

stay uwu🌸

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